Dental adhesive technique – Background, application and sources of error

Föreläsning av Mathias Mehring. Sponsor: VOCO

High quality nano-filled composites with outstanding physical properties in combination with reliable bonding systems have revolutionized dentists work.

But how can a composite material stick to the tooth hard substance? And why is the adhesive luting of composite materials such techniques sensitive? The sound understanding of the chemical processes involved in adhesive luting of composite material lays in the foundations for long-lasting restorations and satisfied patients.

The sources of error

This course addresses typical sources of adhesion-related errors and communicates the fundamental chemical knowledge which contributes significantly to the avoidance of practitioner-related uncertainties in adhesive luting techniques.

Moreover, it illustrates the difference between etch & rinse and self-etch adhesive systems in addition to explaining their advantages and disadvantages as well as the compatibility of the systems with light-curing dual-curing and self-curing composites.

Finally, yet importantly, in vitro measurements of adhesive strengths and the relation to day-to-day clinical practice are also explained in more detail.


Denna kurs är en del av utbudet på SACD Årsmöteskurs 2021. Huvudföreläsare är Lukasz Lassmann.

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