Ceramic Veneers - From Smile Design to Cementation

Annual Meeting Course with Ana Paula Magalhães, Brazil

Jacy'z Hotel & Resort, Gothenburg, October 17-19, 2024

Ana Paula Magalhães represents Equipe Dentística - Brazil, a team of dentists who have been working on clinical courses on ceramic facades and specialization courses in aesthetics and rehabilitation for over 14 years.

The course Ceramic Veneers – From Smile Design to Cementation guides participants through the entire process of ceramic veneers , from smile design and treatment planning, mock-ups and prepping to final cementation and patient aftercare.

The course covers essential theoretical knowledge and presents clinical cases to provide participants with the level of knowledge required to practice qualified cosmetic dentistry.

The course includes:

  • Aesthetic principles
  • Individual Smile design
  • Direct and indirect mock-ups
  • Preparation of ceramic facades using wax models
  • Fingerprinting and scanning
  • Cementation and aftercare of the patient.

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