Ceramic Veneers - From Smile Design to Cementation

Annual Meeting Course with Ana Paula Magalhães, Brazil

Jacy'z Hotel & Resort, Gothenburg, October 17-19, 2024

Ana Paula Magalhães represents Equipe Dentística - Brazil, a team of dentists who have been working on clinical courses on ceramic facades and specialization courses in aesthetics and rehabilitation for over 14 years.

The course Ceramic Veneers – From Smile Design to Cementation guides participants through the entire process of ceramic veneers , from smile design and treatment planning, mock-ups and prepping to final cementation and patient aftercare.

The course covers essential theoretical knowledge and presents clinical cases to provide participants with the level of knowledge required to practice qualified cosmetic dentistry.

The course includes:

  • Aesthetic principles
  • Individual Smile design
  • Direct and indirect mock-ups
  • Preparation of ceramic facades using wax models
  • Fingerprinting and scanning
  • Cementation and aftercare of the patient.


  • Dental Photography course
  • Sponsor courses
  • Accreditation seminar
  • Pool Hangout at trendy Pachanga Pool Club


PRICES (exluding 25% Swedish VAT)

Category Price May 1 - July 31 Price after August 1
Dentist € 1740 € 1960
Dental Techician € 1480 € 1700
Coworker* € 610 € 610
* Employees in this context are: dental assistants, dental hygienists and receptionists. Dentists and/or Dental Technician cannot sign up as coworkers. 

First Class Accommodation at Jacy'z and JQ's

Several rooms at Jacy’z Hotel & Resort are called JQ and offer their own personality and concept. JQ is the hotel within the hotel.

SACD has reserved all rooms at JQ’s as well as a number of rooms at Jacy’z. Since we have the entire JQ, all guests will have breakfast at Gogogaga on the mornings of October 18th and 19th.

Make a reservation via email to: reservation@jacyzhotel.com

Provide: booking number #62978, number of nights/dates, number of people per room, full name, phone number, and home address.

The booking department will then reserve rooms for the guest according to the email and send a payment link to the booker for prepayment of the rooms.

Price for JACY’Z rooms:

Single room: 1790 SEK/person/night incl. VAT

Shared double room: 1100 SEK/person/night incl. VAT (totaling 2200 SEK/room/night incl. VAT)

Price for JQ’s rooms:

Single room: 2390 SEK/person/night incl. VAT

Shared double room: 1393.71 SEK/person/night incl. VAT (totaling 2787.42 SEK/room/night incl. VAT)


The spectacular building is a landmark in Gothenburg. Jacy’z 27 floors are a unique combination of modern luxury, elegant design, and state-of-the-art meeting facilities. In total, Jacy’z consists of a whopping 36 unique meeting rooms that can keep a visitor occupied for several days.

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