The Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (SACD) is an official subsidiary of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the world’s largest organisation for cosmetic dentists.

The SACD was the first international partner of the AACD and was for a long time the largest foreign division. The partnership with the AACD guarantees us and our members unique information from the forefront of research as part of a network of 7000 practitioners, teachers, researchers and laboratory technicians from 70 countries.

The support of the network

Founded in 1984 by 60 dentists in the United States, the AACD has grown into the world’s largest organization of cosmetic dentistry professionals. Today, the AACD family includes more than 7,000 dentists, dental technicians and lecturers and researchers in 70 countries around the world. This global perspective brings significant benefits to SACD members.

“SACD is probably one of our most active affiliates and we at AACD are proud of the collaboration. Every year dentists from all over the world come to our meetings but the Swedish delegation is always the largest. We are always grateful for their presence.”


Dwight G Rickert
AACD President 2017-2018

Strong sisterhood

SACD was formed by a group of dentists and dental technicians who met at the AACD Annual Meeting. SACD’s course activities quickly got underway and were an immediate success.
Ties to the AACD were maintained over the years. For a long time, the Swedes were the largest international affiliate of the AACD. In Las Vegas in 2017, attendance was record-breaking. Then the Swedes could hold their own reception. The hosts talked about The Swedish Invasion, and had special buttons pressed in honour of the Swedes. A Swedish dentist, Cecilia Ömo, received the AACD accreditation certificate. She became the third Swedish SACD member to achieve this. For the first time a student joined. SACD travel fellow, Amanda Nygren, then still a student, on the trip.

AACD organizes courses in the USA every year
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The Pioneer Age

“For the first six years of SACD, we were AACD’s largest foreign sister and for a long time made up the largest group of foreign visitors to AACD’s Annual Meetings.”
“What took us by storm was not only the skills to achieve cosmetic-aesthetic excellence, but also the lecturers’ presentation techniques. It was – and still is – brilliant!”
“The SACD has emphasized from the outset the importance of close cooperation between dentists and dental technicians, a cooperation that must follow the same principles.”
“I wouldn’t be as good a dentist if my dental technician hadn’t taken a course in SACD or AACD.”


Mats Burendahl
SACD President 2017-2018

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