Our upcoming courses in 2024

Unlocking Functional Aesthetics: A Complete Journey into Digital Dentistry

Przemek Seweryniak, Sweden and Ian Buckle, UK
Klara Strand, Stockholm March 16

Ceramic Veneers - From Smile Design to Cementation

Ana Paula Magalhães, Brazil
Annual Meeting Course at Jacy'z Hotel & Resort, Gothenburg, October 17-19, 2024


Profit is not the driving force behind the SACD. So what is the driving force? Dentist Mats Burendahl, one of the pioneers of the SACD, says
“The pursuit of excellence and collegiality are success factors for the Academy.”

When the surplus goes back to the members, we build a strong and trustworthy organisation. The SACD shall be a non-profit organisation, with no commercial profit motive. In this respect, too, we follow the example of the AACD:

“The AACD is the world’s largest non-profit member organization dedicated to advancing excellence in comprehensive oral care that combines art and science to optimally improve dental health, esthetics, and function.”

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