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COURSE+HANDS ON with Sascha Hein

Klara Strand, September 6, 2024

One of Europe's foremost  in the field of dental technology visits SACD. Welcome to a day course with a lecturer who came all the way from Australia just for this!

We’ve all experienced those embarrassing moments when our shade matching skills don’t live up to expectations. Retakes are time-consuming, expensive and a frequent source of conflict between the dental technician and the dental practice.


Since its introduction in 2016, the eLAB system has grown in popularity among all members of the restoration team.

A project for cooperation

But eLAB has also evolved into a community project that connects like-minded enthusiasts from around the world, changing lives, improving skills and boosting confidence. Do you have the courage to master a precise shade matching of the central tooth?

Objectives of the course:

  • Traditional newcomer communication – advantages and disadvantages?
  • Understanding metamerism and its origins.
  • Light propagation through dental hard tissues.
  • Objective shade quantification and communication without the use of shade guides.
  • Understanding of the eLAB digital workflow.
  • Various clinical examples.
  • Future development prospects.

Material requirements:

Appropriate equipment to make the most of the course:

  • DSLR/MILC camera & user manual
  • USB cable for the camera
  • A blank formatted memory card for the camera
  • One 85, 100 or 105 mm detachable macro lens*.
  • Ring flash or additional flash system
  • polar_eyes® (Available on the course)
  • Apple Macintosh computer with latest operating system or PC with Windows 10 or 11

* Short focal length lenses, such as a 60mm macro lens can be problematic and should be avoided if possible.

About Sascha Hein

Like the other members of the Bio Emulation Group, Sascha Hein is a sought-after lecturer and trainer. Most people also know about his many assignments for industry. He is frequently hired by several large companies and gives lectures for them. Hein helped to develop the eLab concept for optimal color taking.

Sascha trained as a dental technician in Germany and later deepened his knowledge by studying ceramic modeling with Kuwata Masahiro in Tokyo. He returned from Japan to complete the German Master Dental Technician diploma at the Master School in Freiburg.

Sascha has worked in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Today he lives and works in Australia, where he founded the dental aesthetics laboratory Oral Aesthetics Perth. Sascha is also a member of the editorial board of the German journal Quintessence of Dental Technology and regularly writes articles for professional journals.


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