Kommande kurser

Douglas A. Terry, USA

Alla aspekter av restaurativ, protetisk och parodontal behandling. Att restaurera med flowables.

Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
3 – 5 juni 2021

AACD 37:th Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

AACD 2021 Rockies Esthetic Revolution promises everything you love about AACD’s scientific session: hands-on workshops, visionary clinical lectures from the industry’s finest educators, sessions focusing on Accreditation, inspiring headline presentations, and opportunities to climb higher as you further develop your personal network or revolutionary expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Aurora, Colorado, USA
14 – 17 april 2021

Lukasz Lassmann, Polen

14-15 Oktober, 2021

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk

17-19 Mars 2022